Ice Spice Stuns Her Fans With Her Signature Twerking While Shooting A New Music Video In Miami

Ice Spice has once again captivated the attention of her fans with an intense twerking session as she was filming a new music video in the energetic city of Miami.

A video of the Bronx rap diva showing off her booty-shaking prowess on a podium in front of an onlooker crowd went viral on Sunday, January 14. Social media users saw stills from the photo shoot, in which Ice Spice was seen slaying in scant gray shorts and a baggy white Balenciaga T-shirt.

Naturally, the video garnered attention on the internet. The video seems to be for a song that Ice Spice leaked last week and features her spitting a bar that was formerly rapped by J. Cole about farts. There might or might not be a reference to Cole’s 2011 song “Dollar and a Dream III” in the lyrics.

“You think you the shit? Bitch, you not even the fart,” she raps over a track that sounds like it was made for a video game and then has a Jersey Club flavor to it. RiotUSA, her longtime collaborator and producer made the track’s beat. Social media users had differing opinions about Ice Spice’s gaseous rhymes; some even questioned if the song was meant to be humorous.

Ice Spice is presently working on her debut studio album; anticipation is strong following her breakthrough year in 2023, even if it’s unclear where the song will end up.

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