Media Personality, Lerin, Criticizes Burna Boy’s View On Afrobeats While Tagging Him A “Fraud”

Damini “Burna Boy” Ogulu, a Grammy Award-winning musician, has been dubbed “the most uninspiring artiste” by Nigerian TV host Lerin Nicodemus, sparking a raging discussion within the music industry. Nicodemus made this contentious remark in response to Burna Boy’s recent remarks that said the music of the Afrobeats genre lacked “substance.”

Burna Boy’s alleged shift of attitude toward Afrobeats is what prompted the media personality’s criticism. She claimed that Burna Boy capitalized on the rise of Afrobeats on the world scene and profited from its success, only to later criticize the genre for its alleged shallowness.

Lerin Nicodemus added that considering that Burna Boy earned his reputation on the principles of Pan-African activism influenced by the renowned Fela Kuti, his activities made him appear hypocritical. For supposedly failing to put into practice the Pan-African values he frequently alludes to in his music and public demeanor, Nicodemus continued by calling Burna Boy a “fraud” in her statement.

She emphasized that while portraying himself as a supporter of social change, Burna Boy has either been silent about or made fun of social problems throughout periods of socio-political unrest in Nigeria and throughout Africa. Additionally, she said that Davido and Wizkid were being supportive of the culture, but Burna Boy was constantly making fun of others.

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