Kizz Daniel And Davido Partner Up For The Exciting “Twe Twe” Remix

Superstars of the Afrobeats genre Kizz Daniel and Davido have teamed up once more, releasing Kizz’s remix of the number-one song Twe Twe.

The energetic remix is their first collaborative project since 2018’s One Ticket. The two Nigerian singers’ collaboration demonstrates their chemistry as they create a song that will undoubtedly top the charts.

Twe Twe, which was first released on December 12th, has dominated radio airwaves, remained at the top of official Nigerian charts, and became one of the most streamed songs on YouTube. The remix not only brings back the widely known song, but it also infuses it with Davido’s lively energy, a major force in Afrobeats.

The result is a brand-new, thrilling song that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. According to insiders close to the musicians, TG Omori, a creative Nigerian director, is directing a music video that will be published shortly.

Expectations are high for an immersive visual experience that accentuates the throbbing richness of the tune, given Omori’s established track record.

The upcoming music video is set to enhance the impact of the tune and create an audiovisual journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers globally, while the Twe Twe remix continues to make waves.

Listen to the hit single’s remix below:

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