Kizz Daniel Uncovers The Release Date For His Next EP, “Jarabi”

Nigerian music sensation Kizz Daniel is surfing the wave of his recent run of hits by following his recently released new singles with a fresh announcement that ushers in a new era. Kizz took to his social media pages to break the news of a new project barely months after the release of his last album, Maverick.

Daniel dubs the new studio effort, “Jabari.” The award-winning singer announced the release date for the EP to be February 24, 2024.

Kizz has been the centre of attraction with his latest hits Twe Twe, Too Busy To Be Bae, especially the former that has been growing in leaps and bounds since the Twe Twe challenge went viral.

The track also happens to be Kizz’s number one hit in a minute, having seized the top spot on Nigeria’s Apple Music singles chart. This only means any upcoming music material from the singer is already highly anticipated, which also applied to the forthcoming Jarabi EP.

The project is sure to further establish him as a major player in the African music industry. Given Kizz Daniel’s history of churning out smash hits, especially in recent years, it’s safe to say his Jarabi EP will continue that iconic legacy.

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