Libianca Drops Anticipated EP “Walk Away” Featuring Oxlade, Blaqbonez, Others

The long-awaited “Walk Away” project by Libianca, a Cameroonian singer and composer currently living in the United States, has finally been released. The debut EP takes listeners on a deeply personal and insightful journey through the ups and downs of life. Drawing from her experiences over the past year, Libianca covers themes such as navigating complex relationships, personal growth, and pursuing one’s dreams. Each song offers a unique perspective on the human experience and is sure to resonate with listeners. The six-track EP includes some of the singer’s previous hits, such as “People” and “Jah,” as well as collaborations with Blaqbonez, Moliy, Oxlade, and Chlöe.

Libianca digs into themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of letting go with unshakable honesty and genuine passion. “Walk Away,” the EP’s title track, is an uplifting hymn of emancipation, encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness and reject restrictive ideas. The production of the EP melds perfectly with Libianca’s mesmerizing melodies and soulful vocals to create a coherent and emotionally impactful soundscape. Libianca’s artistic path reached a critical turning point with “Walk Away,” which confirmed her status as a rising star in the music industry and displayed her capacity for versatility.

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