Listen To Ravyn Lenae And Steve Lacy New Song “Skin Tight”

Ravyn Lenae, Chicago’s fine R&B singer-songwriter, has released a brand new song titled “Skin Tight”, with a guest feature from Steve Lacy.

Her fans must be excited! That is because it has been quite a long while since Ravyn released new music. Everyone is coming back—what a time to be alive. The last body of work released by her was in 2018, an EP titled “Crush”. One that was well-received by both fans and critics. Later in 2020, she released just two singles.

For this new ballad, she taps singer, songwriter and producer Steve Lacy to get in on the vibe. If you can picture written words, you will already be able to predict that such a collaboration will only sound like two different brands of magic flirting with each other.

This is what Lenae had to say about her new single in a press release: “I wanted to snap people into my world through the sonics, so they can feel how I’ve felt over the past couple of years.” She continued, saying, “It has those hypnotic elements, but it’s straightforward, familiar, and fresh.

Thematically, it’s about not having a relationship with somebody but still having those physical and mental ties. It speaks to sharing kinetic energy with another person, even if time has passed and you aren’t together anymore.” Stream away.

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