M.I Abaga – 6am in Accra (Freestyle)

Nigeria’s famed rapper, M.I Abaga, has hopped on the timestamp pattern, taking a cue from the 6 god. The rapper just dropped a freestyle titled “6AM in Accra,” in which he spits some brutal bars regarding personal experiences and cool random stuff.

M.I, who has established himself in the Nigerian music scene by influencing hip-hop for more than 15 years as one of Africa’s largest rap acts and finding some of Nigeria’s most exceptional talent, performs up to his usual excellence. This follows his previous release, “Plan B.” With the single, Mr. Incredible sent a powerful message to Nigeria’s ruling elite and other important stakeholders.

Beginning the year after an impressive 2022 with his album The Guy, M.I. in Plan B addresses crucial concerns impeding Nigeria’s growth and development. M.I. comments on and calls attention to society’s corruption, insecurity, unemployment, and social concerns impacting young people in Nigeria through his ever-catchy lyrics and rhythm.

The song served as a representation of alternate approaches and answers to Nigeria’s myriad of challenges. The single was a message to the powers that be to tackle the problems they promised during the campaign season, set against the backdrop of a new administration.

Plan B joined Falz’s Yakubu in raising attention to Nigerian irregularities that need to be addressed.

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