Mau y Ricky Unveil Long-Awaited Track “Manos Frías,” Collaborating With Reik And Beéle

he Latin music power-duo releases a heartfelt track following their acclaimed documentary on Disney+

Mau y Ricky, the dynamic duo dominating the Latin music industry, have launched their latest track, “Manos Frías,” in collaboration with acclaimed artists Reik and Beéle. The song, depicting the tale of an enduring love, underscores the beautifully harmonious vocals of the artists.

“Manos Frías” holds a special place in the hearts of Mau y Ricky. “This is a song we’ve been dreaming of releasing for a while,” the duo shared. The musical synergy with Reik, a band they’ve long admired, and the uniquely impressive verse delivered by Beéle has elevated the song to an extraordinary level. Teased during a live performance a few months ago, the song garnered substantial anticipation among fans on social media platforms, making its release all the more exciting.

Renowned for their incredible talent as singer-songwriters, Mau y Ricky have consistently proven their musical prowess. Their illustrious career features nominations for the esteemed Latin GRAMMYs – “Best New Artist” in 2017 and “Record of the Year” in 2021. The duo’s popularity is evident in the impressive 3.3 billion combined streams and over 2.6 billion YouTube views they have garnered to date.

Their success extends beyond music. The Montaner brothers’ reality show, “Los Montaner,” launched on Disney+ towards the end of last year, quickly became the second most-watched show worldwide on the platform. The reality show, giving an intimate glimpse into their personal lives and family dynamics, further cements their charisma and global appeal.

As Mau y Ricky continue to make their mark in the music industry, fans eagerly await their next move. Following the release of “Manos Frías,” the world watches with bated breath for what the talented duo will present next. Stay tuned for more from Mau y Ricky.

Fans can tune into this musical treat here:

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