Mr Eazi & DJ Edu Unveil First Official ‘Choplife Soundsystem’ Single, ‘Wena’ Featuring Ami Faku

ChopLife SoundSystem & Mr Eazi - Wena (feat. Ami Faku)

Mr Eazi and DJ Edu, Afrobeats superstars, recently debuted their innovative Afrodance Soundsystem, and now they’ve released the first official ‘Choplife Soundsystem’ single, ‘Wena.’ The track, which contains the hypnotic vocals of South African musician Ami Faku, is expected to make waves in the global music arena.

‘Wena,’ which is set to be released on April 28th via Choplife Limited, presents a forward-thinking, deep Afrodance sound developed by DJ Tárico, expanding on the Amapiano wave that Mr Eazi has ridden in his recent albums.Mr Eazi &Amp; Dj Edu Unveil First Official 'Choplife Soundsystem' Single, 'Wena' Featuring Ami Faku, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Ami Faku, one of South Africa’s most popular musicians, offers a heartfelt Xhosa statement, to which Eazi responds in English. The touching story follows two would-be lovers who never truly grasp their feelings for one other, with the dancefloor serving as the only potential resolution to their tragic tale.

‘Wena’ is also the lead track from the highly anticipated mixtape ‘Choplife Vol. 1: Mzansi Chronicles,’ which is due to drop on May 28th. The full-length project brings together a diverse group of producers, DJs, and vocalists, promising to be one of the most exciting and distinct worldwide dance music initiatives in recent years. The mixtape may be pre-ordered here.

ChopLife SoundSystem is an ingenious new pan-African enterprise that takes its name from the popular West African pidgin slang phrase “chop life,” which means “enjoy life,” and Jamaican music culture’s historic soundsystems. This sound system attempts to put a contemporary African spin on Jamaican soundsystem culture by merging amapiano and afrobeats to create the ideal African party experience through unique studio recordings and coordinated live events, drawing inspiration from Diplo’s Major Lazer.Mr Eazi &Amp; Dj Edu Unveil First Official 'Choplife Soundsystem' Single, 'Wena' Featuring Ami Faku, Yours Truly, News, April 17, 2024

Mr Eazi, who serves as the principal vocalist on ChopLife SoundSystem records, also serves as MC, or Minister of Enjoyment, during live concerts, where he is accompanied by resident selector DJ Edu (famous for his work on BBC Radio) and special guest artists and DJs.

Mr Eazi reflects on his background, saying, “I’m going back to where I started, hosting the biggest parties at uni.” That’s how I got into singing. I’m looking forward to this new and exciting adventure, and I can’t wait for the songs to start dropping and the live experience to begin.”

‘Wena’ pave the way for the upcoming mixtape announcement, heralding the start of a new movement set to take over the dance music world.

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