KAYE Reclaims Her Throne In New EP ‘Neon God’

Almost two years since the release of the critically acclaimed Conscious Control, KAYE today releases her latest EP Neon God. In a new era of freedom from former relationships, societal expectations of women in their thirties, and self-restraint, KAYE has created a masterclass in bridging rock, disco and pop. Today’s EP also arrives with an official video for “Respect Me” – watch here:

Beginning with the title track, KAYE kicks off this project on a high note, shredding her way through the worship of rock and roll. Then moving into “Respect Me,” she allows her bass skills to shine through on the funk-driven anthem. Driving listeners through the rest of the five-track offering, KAYE wears her heart on her sleeve lyrically while maintaining an utterly danceable experience.

“It feels pretty meta to write an EP about…my relationship to writing, or being an artist and what that means. But that’s what it ended up being,” says KAYE on today’s release. “Five devotional hymns in the form of funk, disco and even emo (!) that are me renewing my vows with the thing that’s saved my life more times than I can count – this work of writing music, a recommitment to making it for myself above all. It’s me feeling and exploring the biggest, most fluorescent version of myself. Recognizing that those fluorescent bits are born from feeling everything without shame, without judgment. When those feelings get too bright, too garish, I have often felt that I feel too much, but it’s exactly those things that make me alive.”

Further diving into the EP’s themes, she continues, “There are songs about my religious conservative upbringing, being wildly, uncontrollably jealous, feeling my way through toxic societal messages that my worth as a woman decreases as I get older, fighting for my own salvation like an animal digging through a tunnel until its nails fall off. It’s feeling everything at 1000 without shame, without judgment, taking up a shit ton of space just because I want to.”

Today’s EP arrives with an official video directed by KAYE’s sister Liann Kaye. This marks their 15th video together; a testament to the creative identity the two sisters have crafted over the years. In the video, KAYE and her girl band of clones shred and seduce, all with her signature style of kooky choreography.

Listen here:

Prior to today, KAYE teased the EP with the releases of singles “Neon God” and “Lifeline.” The title track and its debaucherously captivating visual sounded the alarms that KAYE was back and demanded to be heard. And on “Lifeline,” she got vulnerable about some of her lowest lows in life. The official video for “Lifeline” entranced the internet and received over 100k views in less than a week.

On August 9, KAYE will celebrate the release of Neon God with a show at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere (The Hall) presented by Women That Rock. The night will also feature performances from Kississippi, Charlotte Rose Benjamin, Rozzi and Kiah Victoria. Tickets are available here.

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