Mobhad’s Wife Explains What Caused The Singer’s Death And How He Tried To Protect Her And Their Son

While the Nigerian music industry and fans throughout the country continue to grieve the unfortunate death of renowned singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad or Imole, his wife, Wunmi, has shed light on the circumstances behind his untimely death.

The young artist, who was only 27 years old, left a gap in the music industry, and Wunmi’s admissions have provided insight into the difficulties he endured in his life. Wunmi shared more about her late husband’s life in a heartbreaking Instagram post, noting that he lived in constant fear until his untimely death.

She described Mohbad’s daily struggles, underlining that he had never truly experienced happiness for an extended length of time. Contrary to social media speculations, Wunmi vehemently denied that Mohbad suffered from mental health concerns, claiming that such assertions were made to smear his reputation.

Mobhad'S Wife Explains What Caused The Singer'S Death And How He Tried To Protect Her And Their Son, Yours Truly, News, June 17, 2024

These disclosures serve as a stark reminder of the terrible realities that many musicians experience behind the glamor and glamour of the music industry. Mohbad’s anxiety for the protection of his family is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of Wunmi’s testimony.

He expressed a strong wish for his wife and son to remain far away from him after the birth of their child, worried for their well-being.

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