Bloody Civilian “Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED” EP Review

Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED – EP

Bloody Civilian

  • Genre: Afrobeats
  • Date: 10 Nov, 2023
  • Content: explicit
  • Region: NGA
  • Track(s): 6
  • An 0207 / Def Jam Recordings Release; ℗ 2023 Universal Music Operations Limited

Bloody Civilian &Quot;Anger Management: At Least We Tried&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 24, 2024

“Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED,” a brilliant music collection, is the creation of amazingly talented Nigerian female music phenomenon and songwriter Bloody Civilian. It’s the freedom to express yourself that makes the dynamism of art beautiful, and she expresses her freedom in her craft. Even when it causes others to feel uncomfortable, the purest form of art should tell one’s reality. Art becomes an agonizing squandering of a priceless talent and a façade of affirmation when it starts to play it safe. As Emoseh Khamofu, also known as Bloody Civilian, so eloquently puts it, not many people are as willing to accept the label “artist” and mean it as she is.

Finding an outlaw that sweeps you off your feet is always a rarity in today’s bubbly sound cycle, where conformers and bandwagoners are valued all too quickly for displaying subpar artistry. Someone like Bloody Civilian is an outlaw—a real art allowing emotional adaptability. Her sound is lucid, brilliant, bold, and purposeful.

Album Art

Bloody Civilian &Quot;Anger Management: At Least We Tried&Quot; Ep Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, February 24, 2024

The album art is utterly insane. An artistic marvel that will captivate fans who like album art and elevate the album’s allure. It has pictures of the celebrity, her name, the album title, her city, and some undefined anagrams that allude to topics of religion, life, and belief—all somehow put together to represent a masterwork of art.

Tracks And Features

Fave and Tay Iwar are featured on the opening track, Escapism. Dark bass, synths, and Afro-shakers open “Escapism,” transforming into an ethereal mix of log drums and masterful sound modulations. At this point, Bloody Civilian is strutting her stuff with her entrance vocals. From a theme perspective, “Escapism” addresses various topics unclearly. Hedonistic cravings, her forefathers, and the nation’s failing economy are all discussed. She is aggressive in her message delivery but a little elusive regarding the theme. As always, Fave is a party rocker, bringing her arsenal here while dropping rhymes that allude to the difficulties encountered. Tay is poised and laid back, as usual. His verse is so catchy and poignant that one might wish the three-minute and a few-second track played on.

The remake of “How to Kill a Man” features Miraa May and Mavins Records Lifesize Teddy. With the release of “How to Kill a Man,” a grimy satire that hinted at gender inequality, Bloody Civilian made a complete debut in the Nigerian music industry in late 2022. The song “How to Kill a Man” made a grand premiere, a self-announcing piece with provocative lyrics on feminism. Fans will have happy smiles at the thought of the rising female representation in the future of afrobeats as Miraa and Lifesize Teddy’s contributions—including a blistering rap—make the already-perfect track even more pleasant.

Bloody Civilian invites Joeboy, Majeed, and ENNY to a “family meeting.” The story in “Family Meeting” is one that most Africans may identify with—parenting and family-related issues. Bloody Civilian publicly laments the cultural practice of black sheep labelling and secondhand grooming in Africa, which she believes is ultimately motivated by hypocrisy. Joeboy delivers an offering that fans have grown accustomed to listening to him do regularly. In addition to criticizing bad leadership and challenges, he also discusses how he stays afloat. Examining ENNY’s rap verse is interesting because it has enough punchlines to fill two songs. Majeed closes proceedings with his sharp melody, and fans cannot help but smile as the ensemble does justice to their delivery and elevates the track.

Odumodublvck appears on “Mad Apology.” Bloody Civilian’s unrepentant and rebellious nature is highlighted in “Mad Apology.” The song is a tribute to an ex-boyfriend and opens up with a cuss. Odumodublvck takes off on the upbeat track, and his bogus slick talking and sing-rapping give it even more depth. His background chants are enjoyable to listen to and will truly make the song pop when played on club speakers. A loop, an intro to the following track, is heard as the track ends.

“I Don’t Like You” sees Chocolate City’s Candy Bleakz and JEELEL! on the song. JEELEL! holds no prisoners with their delivery, and Candy Bleakz goes full-street with a touch on her verse as she shows her gentle ruggedity. Collaborating with these two artists brings a unique blend of raw energy and street authenticity to “I Don’t Like You.” Candy Bleakz’s fierce vocals and JEELEL! ‘s powerful delivery create a captivating dynamic that perfectly captures the essence of the song’s message. With their undeniable chemistry, it’s clear that this collaboration is a match made in musical heaven.

Eventually, the 19-minute album’s listening journey concludes with the Ajebo Hustlers collaboration “Come From.” “Come From” is the culmination of the expertly created and presented work. The graphic story of the depressing truths of her origins is told in Bloody Civilian. She tries to shed light on the murky goings-on in her society. The stars of PH get together to honour their heritage, relate their tale of survival, and express optimism for their upcoming endeavours.


1 Escapism (feat. Fave & Tay Iwar) 3:25
2 How To Kill A Man (feat. Lifesize Teddy & Miraa May) 3:20
3 Family Meeting (feat. Joeboy, ENNY & Majeeed) 3:33
4 Mad Apology (feat. ODUMODUBLVCK) 3:00
5 I Don’t Like You (feat. JELEEL! & Candy Bleakz) 2:59
6 Come From (feat. Ajebo Hustlers) 2:43

Album Summary

Six tracks of raw emotions seen through the eyes of a total badass comprise Bloody Civilian’s remixed compilation. Synth-pop, Afrobeats, EDM, and Amapiano are just a few of the musical genres that Bloody Civilian’s first remixed body of work touches on with subtle strokes. Although her rage is the central theme, the work also examines issues of feminism, capitalism, hedonism, substance misuse, self-identity, and family interventions. The remixed compilation showcases Bloody Civilian’s versatility as an artist, seamlessly blending different genres to create a unique and captivating listening experience. Each track delves deep into the complexities of human emotions, providing a thought-provoking exploration of societal issues that resonate with listeners on a personal level. With its diverse range of themes, this body of work offers a multi-dimensional perspective on the struggles and triumphs of modern life.

Bloody Civilian’s new remix EP showcases her collaborations that still depict her unyielding nature. Unlike her previous work, where she expressed her irreverence through biblical allegories, this EP is more transparent, and she speaks her mind without any veil. She doesn’t shy away from offending anyone who annoys her. The storyline of the EP is compelling despite being non-linear. It emphasizes that freedom cannot be quickly obtained; sometimes, you have to fight for it and hold onto it.


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