Naira Marley’s Controversial Handshake Raises Eyebrows

Internet Abuzz with Speculations After Video Emerges

In the wake of recent events surrounding the demise of singer Mohbad, a video has surfaced that has further fueled the controversy involving Naira Marley. The video, which has been making rounds on various social media platforms, showcases Naira Marley greeting his friends with a peculiar handshake. This has led to a flurry of speculations and debates among netizens, with many questioning the nature and significance of the handshake.

The emergence of this video comes shortly after Naira Marley took to the internet to vehemently deny allegations of being involved in cultist activities. He also refuted claims suggesting he had any role in Mohbad’s tragic passing. However, the video of the handshake has added another layer to the ongoing narrative, with many questioning its implications.

Several reactions have poured in from the online community. A user named “official cravy” commented that the handshake might not necessarily be a cultist gesture, suggesting it could be a “thug handshake” popular in certain Lagos circles. Another user, “mr teeh lystyle,” pointed out the abundance of “evidence” against Naira Marley, while “miss chidel” highlighted the unlikelihood of anyone admitting to being part of a cult, drawing parallels with a thief not admitting to theft.

The video has also been shared on popular Instagram pages, further amplifying its reach and the discussions surrounding it. As the debates continue, it’s evident that the public is keenly watching every development related to Naira Marley and the unfortunate events surrounding Mohbad’s death.

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