Oxlade Discusses His Voice, Musical Journey, And Gratitude On The “Afrobeats Podcast”

Ikuforiji Olaitan, better known by his stage name Oxlade, a Nigerian singer, admitted that when he ran away from home, he used to sleep under the bridge in Ojuelegba. He most recently appeared as a guest on the most current Afrobeats podcast episode with Adesope Live. He discussed his songs and his beginnings as a novice trying to break into the music industry there.

The composer explained his strategy for surviving at the time, saying that occasionally he would let the neighborhood shopkeepers know he was there under the bridge where he would sleep so they wouldn’t mistake him for an intruder. In order to have a roof over his head on other days, he would spend three nights at his friends’ homes.

Oxlade described the daily tasks he performed to support himself while residing in Ojuelegba, including serving meals to customers in a plaza and selling bus tickets to BRT riders, among other menial activities. He acknowledged, when questioned, that he occasionally felt overwhelmed and yearned to return home.

He said he was able to escape the fight by surrounding himself with nice individuals who shared his ambition. Soon after, he had his first hit single. And below is the interview in full:

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