NBA Youngboy Hosts A “Demon Party” On His New Single

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has continued to hustle when it comes to releasing hot music despite the release of a new album earlier this year. His most recent song, “Demon Party,” was made available on YouTube this Thursday (March 2). It was accompanied by a music video that, like the song, captures the song’s eerie, reflective quality. YoungBoy’s new solo release of 2023 comes after “NEXT,” and his fifth studio album “I Rest My Case.”

With lyrics like “made from a jail cell, countin’ my property,” YoungBoy’s most recent song, which details his difficult existence, yet manages to mention his accomplishments. Most importantly, he refers to himself as a “boss” and is unafraid of evil powers who wish to harm him.

YoungBoy is shown standing alone in the music video, which uses its surroundings to illustrate the contrast between fire and ice. The rapper, who was born in Louisiana, maintains a reflective and composed demeanor throughout the entire video despite the ominous weather conditions. He spoke about his new project on the Rap Radar podcast last month and referred to his music as “peaceful.” YoungBoy spoke about how he restrained himself from being overly aggressive in “I Rest My Case,” but he shows no such restraints in his forthcoming project.

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