Netflix Original Series ‘Everything Now’ With Sophia Wilde Features Omah Lay’s ‘I’m a Mess’

“I’m a Mess” by Omah Lay is the soundtrack for the first scene of the original Netflix series ‘Everything Now.’ The protagonist of the Netflix original teen drama is Mia, played by Sophie Wilde, who was most recently seen in the horror movie “Talk To Me” from A24. Sophie Wilde adds a range of emotions to her part, including vulnerability, tenacity, and humour. Mia is in the challenging process of recovering from an eating disorder, both physically and mentally. The plot focuses on Mia’s recovery as she copes with her trauma and the fact that she missed out on life when she was receiving treatment for her problems in a clinic.

Mia’s innermost feelings are depicted in the show’s opening scene using Omah Lay’s well-known song ‘I’m a Mess,’ following her protracted hospitalization. Mia struggles internally with the knowledge that her isolation from the outside world is gone, and it’s time to begin the process of exterior recovery. The opening sequence of ‘I’m a Mess’ skillfully depicts the difficulties that must be overcome on the road to recovery, which is far from easy and has some roadblocks.

Everything Now is now ranked seventh among Nigeria’s top 10 TV series. The release date for Everything was set for October 5, 2023. Boy Alone, the acclaimed album by Omah Lay that premiered in 2022, contains the song “I’m a Mess.” The fears and anxieties that are always hidden beneath the surface are revealed in this album. Omah Lay expertly touches on the mental health of creatives and achieves this lyrical complexity in an afrobeat song, which many may argue is uncommon in this genre.

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