Nicki Minaj Addresses Trolls In New Instagram Post: “I Work On My Own Time”

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Nicki Minaj should or shouldn’t be doing and she is just not having it! The rap queen posted a video of herself on IG, spitting bars sometime early on in her career, together with a lengthy caption about having earned her stripes, the vicissitudes of her career and moving in her own time.

“They don’t make us or break us. [smiling tongue out emoji] And THAT is WHY TF they be rlly mad. [bullseye emoji] in life ppl wanna be able to control your response, your reaction, your schedule,” she wrote.

“I work on my own time. Pop out when I please. Where I please. How I please. Yeah it’s ‘superstar’ tingz but it’s more than that. You know many superstars that can’t do that. Right? Read it again. [bullseye emoji] .”

“I give btchs work and put them on the block with the mere mention of my NAME. (Not the girls I work with/love),” Minaj added. “But umm[crown emoji] When you become Queen or a REAL NIGG@ you’ll fully be able to understand the level I play on. But the thing is right? 7 billion ppl on earth there’s only 1 me. QOR [celebrate emoji] my fans gon ride. Every day. Every fkng night. [laughing emoji] So pull up a beach chair. Put one in the air. Life’s a beach. But I’m the btch that make the whole beach stare.”

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