Kendrick Lamar Eclipses Drake’s Spotify Record With “Not Like Us”

Throughout the past week, celebrated American rapper Kendrick Lamar has been working really hard. All this has happened, essentially, in an attempt to bring Drake down. To begin with, he delivered “Euphoria.” He also released “6:16 In LA” as a jab at the megastar.

Within twenty minutes of Drake’s release of “Family Matters,” Kendrick delivered “Meet The Grahams.” This is by far the most eerie and unsettling music in the feud. Thanks to The Alchemist’s production, it nearly had a horror movie vibe. Kendrick Lamar made the decision to sour things on Saturday. He accomplished this with the song “Not Like Us,” a West Coast hit that has fans bobbing their heads to accusations of pedophilia.

Kendrick is the only artist who has the ability to inspire everyone to do that. It turns out that “Not Like Us” is currently smashing Spotify records due to its immense success. It has the highest-ever single-day hip-hop music stream in American Spotify history, according to Chart Data. Drake and Lil Baby were the original holders of the title for “Girls Want Girls.”

Right now, Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks appear to be charting exceptionally well. As a matter of fact, “Euphoria” is predicted to become the world’s hottest song by the end of next week. Considering that diss records aren’t supposed to achieve these kinds of numbers, it’s quite an accomplishment.

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