Nicki Minaj Tosses Object Back Into Crowd After Being Almost Struck By The Item On Stage

Nicki Minaj looked annoyed when a fan tossed an object at her onstage.

The 41-year-old rapper was spotted performing in Detroit on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour when a pink object was thrown at her from the audience in a video that Pop Crave posted on X (previously known as Twitter) on April 21. While performing her smash song “Starships,” Minaj blocked the object with her hand and then knelt to retrieve it before tossing it back into the crowd.

The singer turned around and resumed her performance, seemingly taken aback by the moment. While still on tour, the rapper has been delving into other endeavors like her fancy new sneaker collaboration with Løci.

Over the past three years, the brand has experienced a sharp increase in popularity. Our editors have loved the brand’s support and versatility, and they have also seen it on the feet of celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Ben Affleck, and Eva Longoria.

The brand’s unique bio-leather, which is a mixture of non-food grade corn and recycled textiles, is used to create five various styles that are available in eleven brilliant hues in Minaj’s specifically created limited-edition collection.

Minaj has also declared her intention to become a brand owner for Løci. The shoes are created by hand in Portugal using materials that adhere to Løci’s golden brand criteria.

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