No Scheduled Early Release For Blueface; Set To Remain Behind Bars Until Summer

Blueface was taken into custody last week for violating his probation, and it has since been revealed that he won’t be released for several months. The rapper made news on Friday after it was claimed by authorities that he had broken at least some of the probationary conditions related to his club beating assault case from a few years ago in Los Angeles. A hearing in the matter was set, and it involved some sort of probation breach, though it’s not quite clear what he’s been accused of.

In case you missed it, this was only the most recent of many hearings over his probation violations and lawsuits. In any case, there was viral footage of him that appeared to be him surrendering to authorities and going to court. In the video, Blue claimed he was only there to take care of some business, although he did make a suggestion that he might be arrested there, and then, well, it seems that he was.

Blue’s mother expressed her disappointment, blaming Blue’s baby mothers, Chrisean and Jaidyn, for his potential long-term absence from public view. Blue’s manager, Wack 100, agreed with her when she said these women had only caused him problems.

It has been confirmed by the media that Blueface is currently being held at the county jail. Based on internet records, it appears that his release date is set for the summer. More precisely, Blueface’s release date is set for July 2, 2024, although, given the jail’s overcrowding, it’s possible he’ll be let out earlier. It appears they are still sorting out which wing of the jail he is being kept in, as there is currently no word on that.

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