Ruger Features Drake & Central Cee On New Music Video, Viral Snippet Trends

The emerging Afrobeat sensation Ruger is making waves across the internet as snippets from his music tour video featuring none other than Drake and Central Cee go viral. The clip shows Ruger sharing a delightful moment with the American-Canadian rap icon Drake. The snippet is a montage of the Jonzing World artist’s journey on tour, featuring glimpses of his performances and travels across Canada, America, the UK, and various European countries.

As videos from Ruger’s music globe tour circulate online, the Nigerian singing sensation is becoming more popular worldwide. Ruger gave his followers a glimpse of the many nations he has been to while continuing to spread the word about Afrobeat in the viral video. However, American rapper Drake’s appearance in the video was the highlight of the online sensational teaser. Central Cee, a British rapper, also appeared and caused a sensation.

Media outlets contacted renowned public relations professional and music specialist Bazito to confirm the appearance, and he responded,

“Ruger is regarded as part of the next generation of Afrobeat singers set to take over from the likes of Buena Boy, Wizkid, and Davido. His label has managed his career well. Seeing Drake on his music tour video is a signal of him being pushed to the next phase of his career, and that is global recognition and domination.”

Also, Ruger has advanced by enlisting these major artists for the remix of his smash song “Tour.” In addition to Central Cee from the UK, the Afropop artist revealed a surprise appearance by the iconic rapper Drake. Music lovers are buzzing about the Pan-African collaboration. Ruger receiving a Drake remix score is a significant nod from one of the most prominent musicians in the world.

Drake and Ruger trade verses over the catchy dancehall-inspired sound in the new version. Drake performs his distinctive fusion of rap and singing while expressing his love for Nigeria and Ruger.

Meanwhile, British MC Central Cee contributes his trademark deadpan flow while referencing Lagos and the expanding impact of Afropop. The eclectic combination of Ruger, Drake, and Central Cee emphasizes how the world and cultures are intertwined in today’s music scene. Ruger has advanced from sharing tracks with locals to icons. Fans compliment Ruger for strengthening his artistic abilities and representing Africa globally. The upcoming young sensation delivers another upbeat anthem with the “Tour” remix.

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