Odumodublvck Offers A Snippet Of His Upcoming Joint Single With Tiwa Savage

Popular Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and up-and-coming artist Odumodublvck have teased their impending partnership to fans.

In light of a previous story that featured the pair engaged in conversations and artistic pursuits, it seems like a musical masterpiece is in the works.

Now that their collaboration has been formally confirmed, both musicians have shared a taste of their upcoming track. A video titled “Teaser” went viral on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, after Odumodublvck and Tiwa Savage posted snippets of it on their own Instagram accounts.

Odumodublvck Offers A Snippet Of His Upcoming Joint Single With Tiwa Savage, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024Fans are thrilled and brimming with eager expectation for the launch of the new song, even though the title and release date are still unknown. A compelling and exciting musical experience is hinted at in the sample, which has fans excitedly anticipating the full release.

Since this is the first time Tiwa Savage and Odumodublvck have worked together on a musical production, this collaboration is especially significant and fans cannot wait.

But before the new announcement made by Odumodublvck, he had collaborated with his mentor, UK Grime rapper Skepta, alongside actor and rapper Idris Elba on “Jangrova.”

The song was made available as the main single for Tribal Mark, Skepta’s impending feature film debut. In addition to directing the film, the rapper also serves as principal actor and co-producer.

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