Omah Lay Mourns Mohbad’s Tragic Death

After the untimely death of the legendary singer Mohbad, the Nigerian music scene is still in grief. As celebrities continue to react to this sad event, another well-known artist, Omah Lay, has voiced his sorrow and pain over the demise of his fellow musician. Omah Lay took to social media to express his heartfelt condolences.

Omah Lay Mourns Mohbad’s Tragic Death, Yours Truly, News, April 22, 2024

On social media, Omah Lay, well-known for his hit songs like “damn,” “You,” and others, expressed his deep sadness over Mohbad’s premature departure. In his message, he described his anguish and added,

“I’m breaking down right now.”

His sincere statement reflects his suffering, the influence Mohbad had on the music industry, and the profound loss felt by those who were motivated by his talent. Mohbad’s impact on the music industry cannot be overstated, as he brought a unique sound that resonated with countless fans. His sincere statement not only showcases his pain but also serves as a reminder of the immense void left behind in the hearts of those who admired and drew inspiration from the remarkable talent.

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