Lil Poppa “Half Man, Half Vamp” Album Review

Jacksonville rapper Lil Poppa showcases his personalities in his latest project, "Half Man, Half Vamp."

Half Man, Half Vamp

Lil Poppa

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Date: 23 Jun, 2023
  • Content: cleaned
  • Track(s): 14
  • ℗ 2023 CMG/Interscope Records

Lil Poppa has come a long way from the young rapper honing his talents in the church. He may not be that boy anymore, but he sure hasn’t left him behind. He is a father now, with responsibilities to his family, fans, and hometown, and he has been adjusting to the man he’s becoming.

Lil Poppa has always been a storyteller who lets his life be the inspiration for his music. He only raps what he feels, and he makes sure the music captures his pain, his joy, and all that he’s about. Lil Poppa’s latest album, “Half Man, Half Vamp,” is split into two sections. On one half, he raps about adulthood, his new responsibility as a father, and staying true to himself.

In the second half, he raps about the late nights he spends in the studio, tapping into his artistic side and traveling for shows to perform for his fans. He explores all that makes him a man and a vamp, a man with dual personalities. One thing that stands out the most is how vocal he is about his growth as an artist and a man.

Cover Art

Lil Poppa &Quot;Half Man, Half Vamp&Quot; Album Review, Yours Truly, Reviews, May 22, 2024
Lil Poppa &Ndash; &Ldquo;Half Man, Half Vamp&Rdquo; Cover Art

If Lil Poppa says, he’s “Half Man, Half Vamp,” best believe he will give a cover art that brings it to life. Days before the album’s release, he unveiled the cover art with the caption, “I Hope You Finally See My Growth & That I’m Worth It.” The album cover is inspired by what looks like mundane vampire wallpaper. It features an eerie reflection of the “Purple Hearts” rapper in a mirror. He holds a mask and hat that covers his face. There are also lit candles that effectively give the spooky photo more life.

Lil Poppa ensured we got a taste of what was coming by dropping singles from the mixtape before releasing the entire project. Fans embraced the joints “Mind Over Matter” and “Chrome Heart.” Both songs earned praise from fans when they dropped. Another track that has been well embraced by Hip Hop fans is “Stop Going M.I.A.” In it, he raps about his calling as an artist and his neighborhood hero and some of the struggles that have come with it. He also raps about his devotion to his crew. He also dropped a music video for the song.

Tracklist & Features

Lil Poppa has never had issues with recording full-length projects. Last year, he dropped two, including singles. On the “Half Man, Half Vamp” mixtape, he delivers 14 tracks perfectly, with features from NoCap and Lehla Samia on two tracks. While he collaborated with two other artists on two tracks, he still owns the song as he has always done. The story remains his and brings it to life in the best ways he has taught him to. Also, as mentioned above, the tracks are divided into two to showcase his different personalities. Each section tells a different story about his identity and how it impacts his life.


1 Stop Going M.I.A 2:46
2 Buttons 2:35
3 How It Be 2:59
4 Chrome Heart 2:36
5 1 Night < For Life 3:00
6 Let God Choose (feat. NoCap) 3:18
7 Feeling Strange 3:21
8 Out Of Luck 3:12
9 Mind Over Matter 2:50
10 Problems Back Home (feat. Lehla Samia) 3:50
11 Can’t Find It 3:12
12 Forever 2:52
13 Novacane 3:02
14 I Know 2:41


Lil Poppa has established himself as one of rap music’s best storytellers. The Collective Music Group artist is proving to be one of the best talents on the scene. The new album is focused on his growth. He doesn’t make it about past mistakes but more about new beginnings and responsibilities. He also sings about his past, how it has molded him, and how recent events have made him grow up and take charge. Lil Poppa’s “Half Man, Half Vamp” mixtape showcases his writing talents and how much it is the most intriguing focus of his music.


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