Portable Calls For His Mechanic’s Arrest For Openly Counseling Him To Sell His Crashed G-Wagon As Scrap

Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a controversial singer, has arrested his mechanic for invading his privacy by photographing and posting his destroyed G-Wagon without his knowledge. Portable, according to accounts, crashed his new G-Wagon sometime last week.

Portable escaped a horrific crash on Wednesday that severely wrecked his brand-new G-Wagon Brabus. On Thursday, the musician confirmed the occurrence and thanked God on his Instagram page. He also mentioned that the earnings from his music would help him buy a new car. The accident occurred in Lagos State’s Osapa London axis.

In a viral video that went popular on the internet, his technician was seen encouraging the singer to sell his automobile. While recording the crashed car, the mechanic advised the controversial musician to sell the car as junk due to the extent of the damage.

Following the release of the video, Portable detained the mechanic for violating his privacy. The mechanic was caught on film in what seemed to be a police station, where he was told that his actions were slanderous to the musician. The mechanic was told to publicly apologize to the singer, which he did.

The mechanic apologized, saying he had no idea the car belonged to the singer. He apologized for the trouble the video had brought him.

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