Portable Claps Back at Goya Menor: A Fiery Musical Feud Continues

Portable, a Nigerian street pop artist, responded to comments made by fellow musician Goya Menor during a recent interview with HipTV. When asked about his connection with Portable, Goya Menor said he had no issues with him and compared Portable to a dog howling at an elephant. Portable, known for his music and inclination for starting conflicts, replied quickly.

In a taped reaction, Portable remarked that Goya Menor lacked hit songs and street popularity compared to himself. He confronted Goya Menor in Pidgin about the number of his successes, performances, and endorsements.

The feud between the two actors began when they were nominated for Headies Awards in 2022. Portable was eventually disqualified and lost two nominations, whereas Goya Menor won the Street-hop category. Goya Menor said he was too intelligent to talk to someone like Portable.

The prolonged feud between the two performers has enthralled fans, and it is unclear when or if the quarrel will be resolved.

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