Tiktok Sensation Natalie Jane Shares Fiery Breakup Track “Seven”

Today, rising 18-year-old pop artist Natalie Jane returns with the defiant, deeply relatable new single “Seven” via Capitol Music Group and 10K Projects. The brooding track, which finds the talented newcomer grappling with anger and heartache following a breakup, is already a phenomenon on TikTok via a series of three teasers that have generated more than 15 million views.Tiktok Sensation Natalie Jane Shares Fiery Breakup Track “Seven”, Yours Truly, News, May 24, 2024

Moody and mysterious, “Seven” breaks down the flood of emotions following the end of a fling. “You and I, what a lie,” Natalie begins over an eerie piano and propulsive rhythm. “Wasting time on a feeling.” She then pulls no punches on the ferocious chorus. “Was it ever really love if the night that we broke up, both went out to go hook up with the one we told each other not to worry about?” she wonders.

Seven” arrives on the heels of “Mentally Cheating,” another piano-driven track that has already garnered 8M+ streams. Prior to that, Natalie released a series of hit independent releases including “Kind of Love,” “Bloodline,” and “Red Flag.” Those songs established her knack for brutally honest, unfiltered lyrics and irresistible pop hooks. It’s a skill set Natalie has acquired through years of experience — she has been singing since early childhood — and ongoing study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Most recently, the breakout singer-songwriter has built momentum by focusing on authentically engaging with fans on social media. Natalie is particularly active on TikTok, where her raw, heartfelt original songs and stunning cover versions have earned her more than 2.4M followers and over 77M likes. With “Seven,” she once again delivers the kind of anthem that will resonate with her growing legion of fans—and beyond.



Natalie Jane has always been passionate about music. At just 18 years old, she has already created a distinct sound for herself characterized by bold, fearless lyrics that express the pain of heartbreak and the frustrating search for meaning in an increasingly overindulgent world. Natalie’s dedication to music and a desire to hone her craft has taken her from her early childhood singing and songwriting, all while following her passion for transforming abstract concepts into music – giving a voice to those almost indescribable moments. She has graced fans’ screens all over the TikTok FYP, reaching over 1.5M followers on the app and achieving over 40M likes across her videos. From covers to her original songs, Natalie Jane’s vocal versatility and emotional vulnerability shines through, creating a musical narrative to universal experiences

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