Online Feud Intensifies: VeryDarkMan Claps Back At Carter Efe

 Skincare Advocate and Skitmaker Exchange Words Over Recent Events

The online space has been buzzing with the recent exchange between Nigerian influencer and activist, VeryDarkMan, and skitmaker, Carter Efe. The feud, which has caught the attention of many, took a new turn as VeryDarkMan took to Instagram to address Carter Efe’s recent remarks.

Carter Efe had earlier dragged VeryDarkMan on Instagram Live, following an invitation the latter received from Afrobeats sensation, Davido. In response, VeryDarkMan challenged Carter Efe to enumerate his contributions to society. He emphasized his efforts to shield Nigerians from unregistered skincare brands, stating, “You think say na saliva pouring contest we dey do here? … At least I made a move to protect Nigerians, wetin you don do?”

VeryDarkMan further taunted Carter Efe about his appearance, particularly highlighting the gap in his teeth. He went on to question Carter’s societal impact, comparing their respective achievements. In a bid to counteract Carter’s insinuations about his personal hygiene, VeryDarkMan shared a video of himself being embraced by Davido, asserting that a millionaire like Davido wouldn’t hug someone with an unpleasant odor. He further dared Carter to showcase a similar video with influential personalities.

The online activist concluded his video by emphasizing that he wasn’t in competition with anyone. He poignantly remarked that some of his peers have already passed away, and he’s merely taking life one step at a time.

The online community awaits Carter Efe’s response, as this feud shows no signs of abating. With both parties having significant online followings, their exchanges are sure to continue making headlines.

In related news, Davido’s involvement in the feud has also been a topic of discussion, with many wondering about the nature of his relationship with VeryDarkMan. As the story unfolds, fans and followers are keenly watching, waiting for the next development in this intriguing online drama.

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