Priscilla Ojo Comes For Naira Marley In Fiery Social Media Response Following Lawsuit Feud Over N500 Million

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of the well-known Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, has resorted to social media to defend her mother. Most recently, Marlian Music’s Naira Marley revealed that she was the target of his N500 million lawsuit. Iyabo’s vocal daughter, Priscy, didn’t hold back in her criticism of the rapper Naira Marley on her Instagram stories once it was made public. Additionally, Priscy cited proof that the Marlian commander and his team had reportedly mistreated Mohbad before his untimely demise.

One celebrity, Iyabo Ojo, genuinely wore her emotions on her sleeve regarding Mohbad’s terrible demise and the call for justice. She was one of the few who opposed Naira Marley and Sam Larry’s handcuffs, accusing them of bullying and torturing the late singer until his death. Now that Naira Marley has escaped the grasp of the authority’s detention on bail, Iyabo Ojo has become the target of his first arrow. He threatened to sue her for N500 million and demanded an apology. Priscilla, the actress’s daughter, experienced a severe emotional storm, which she took to social media and let out in a furious storm.

In a thorough article, she criticized Naira Marley’s audacity in pursuing an N500 million lawsuit against her mother, pointing out his outstanding legal issues about Mohbad’s catalogue and unpaid music royalties. Priscy also cited information that suggested the Marlian boss and his gang were bullying Mohbad before his tragic demise. Priscilla continued her savage reply, expressing shock at Nigerians attacking her mother and accusing her of trying to draw attention to herself by demanding justice for the late musician. The youthful influencer emphasized that Iyabo Ojo’s advocacy extended beyond the internet, as she risked her career, children, and safety in the pursuit of justice. Prissy refuted claims of clout-chasing by highlighting her mother’s tireless efforts at the police station and paying for DJ Splash’s medical bills.

Priscilla Ojo Comes For Naira Marley In Fiery Social Media Response Following Lawsuit Feud Over N500 Million, Yours Truly, News, April 24, 2024

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