Portable Criticizes Seun Kuti’s Views On Cheating In Marriage

Controversial street-hop artist Portable has taken issue with Seun Kuti, a fellow musician, over his views on marital infidelity. This comes after Seun and his spouse, Yetunde, discussed their marriage in an interview that aired recently on the TVC program “Your View.”

During the interview, Yetunde affirmed that she would not leave Seun for infidelity and that she would stay with him regardless of his infidelity. Seun agreed, saying that their marriage is based on love rather than material belongings and that an affair wouldn’t inevitably lead to the end of their union.

In response to this conversation, Portable posted on Instagram to express his disapproval. He emphasized the value of accountability in marriage by saying that he would not put up with adultery from his partners. A man who refuses to confront his wife’s adultery is irresponsible, according to Portable, underscoring the dire repercussions of tolerating such behavior.

Portable Criticizes Seun Kuti'S Views On Cheating In Marriage, Yours Truly, News, April 21, 2024

In the same interview, Kuti stated he didn’t think DNA testing was reliable. Seun based his position on the conviction that it is unfounded. He also underlined that the only person who can be certain that a child is their real parent is that child’s mother. Seun claimed bloodlines are solely transferred through the mother in matrilineal civilizations, such as the African societies of the past.

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