Using Information Obtained From Biggie’s Phone, Charli Baltimore Wrote A Rap About Him Cheating On Her

As BET’s Murder Inc docuseries has progressed from one episode to the next, featuring an artist who was once an “it” lady in rap, still considering the commotion around Irv Gotti. When Charli Baltimore first came on the scene in the 1990s, she released timeless songs like “Feel It,” “Stand Up,” which featured Ghostface Killah, and “Down Ass Chick,” which she co-wrote with labelmate Ja Rule.

Fans weren’t shocked when they heard her relate her tale in the docuseries because she was making waves on the Murder Inc roster. When Charli became a teenage mother, she was inspired to improve her life, and while dating Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, she decided to give rapping another try.

“I met Big at a show in Philly and we were just friends in the beginning and kinda developed into a relationship,” recalled the rapper. “I had broke into his phone and somehow got his password to his phone. It was like, all these like, random girls on there saying all this stuff. So, I wrote every girl’s name down that I had from the voicemail and made like, a whole rap including all their names and sh*t.”

Big planned to “start a group called The Commission,” according to Charli, but his untimely passing put an end to those plans.

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