Portable Discloses The Huge Amount He Was Paid To Perform At A Bayelsa Concert

The exact sum that Nigerian artist, rapper, and composer Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, earned from fellow musician Timaya on January 1st, 2024, was disclosed in a recent statement by the Zazuu street-hop singer himself.

Portable was heard singing and giving thousands of concertgoers the vital information during a recent Timaya-organized event, where he had been billed to perform. He explained that he was paid in full to perform at the show and wasn’t duped or taken advantage of by the singer.

Portable felt the need to give out this piece of personal information because he also calls out those who, according to him, “ripped him.” He even added spicy details of when the money was paid came and Many social media users responded to Portable’s admission by flooding the comment section with their opinions, jokes and praises.

There was also a dramatic incident during the same event. Two adult ladies were seen reportedly passing out in the middle of the boisterous throng of party people in a viral video, which prompted Portable’s security team to take immediate action.

Online conversations have been sparked by the occurrence, with people on social media expressing a range of viewpoints over the unanticipated development during Portable’s performance.

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