President Tinubu New IG Post Uses Burna Boy’s “City Boys” As Netizens Give Mixed Reactions

Nigerian President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu published a new Instagram post on October 17, 2023, with Burna Boy’s song “City Boys” serving as the music. The tweet included a video of Tinubu having a meeting with some youth. Nigerians’ responses to Tinubu’s post featuring Burna Boy’s song have conflicted. One of Nigeria’s most prominent and famous musicians is Burna Boy. He is renowned for being quite frank and prepared to criticize the administration, which has led Nigerians to mixed reactions to Tinubu’s use of Burna Boy’s song in his posts.

While some have applauded the president for his musical selections, others have condemned him for selecting a song by an individual with a history of criticizing the government. Critics argue that Tinubu’s choice of Burna Boy’s song undermines his credibility as a leader, as it seems to align with the very criticisms the artist has made against the government. However, supporters believe this demonstrates Tinubu’s willingness to engage with diverse perspectives and bridge the gap between the government and its critics. This could potentially lead to more constructive dialogue and collaboration in the future. By choosing Burna Boy’s song, Tinubu may be signalling a shift towards a more inclusive and open-minded leadership style. Tinubu’s support base might grow if this move draws in a younger audience that connects with Burna Boy’s music and opinions. However, it could also be seen as a bluff, given that he is also well known for using the alias “City Boy.”

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