Prosecutors Want To Prove Photos Of YNW Melly’s Tattoos Link Him To Gang Ties

The newest development in YNW Melly’s double-homicide case has prosecutors seeking photographs of the rapper’s tattoos to yield proof of his gang affiliations.

One month before the court pushed for Melly to get the death penalty for two first-degree murder charges, the “Banana Split” crooner entered a not-guilty plea for the killings of Christopher Thomas Jr., AKA Juvy, and Anthony Williams, also known as Sakchaser.

But based on documents dating back to April of 2019, prosecutors filed a motion that sought the death penalty for YNW Melly and issued several reasons the motion should be granted without reasonable doubt.

But according to new court documents obtained by XXL last Wednesday, February 9th, but dated for Tuesday, February 8th, the State of Florida is pushing for Judge Andrew Siegel, presiding judge over Melly’s case in connection to the 2018 murders of his two associates, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, ordering that photos be taken of Melly to “document the gang-affiliated tattoos” on his body.

The document stated that the pictures of Melly, born Jamell Demons, would not be for purposes of reenactment but adds that “this is relevant as the State has previously identified the aggravator for seeking the death penalty as the crime was committed by a criminal gang member as identified in Florida Statue 874.03.”

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