Rubi Rose Has Denied Dissing Nicki Minaj In Recent Interview

Rubi Rose maintains she really wasn’t throwing any shade whatsoever at Nicki Minaj.

During her recent appearance on the Big Facts podcast, the Atlanta rapper was questioned about her love life and the kinds of qualities she looks out for in a romantic partner. Rubi answered by saying she would want someone who is loyal, loving, supportive, and consistent, triggering host DJ Scream to express his skepticism.

“That ain’t all,” he said with a laugh. “That can’t be all of it.”

“Of course, there’s some other things,” she admitted. “My preferences are chocolate, tall, preferably [makes] more money than me.”

“What if they don’t?” asked DJ Scream. “Then we can work it out,” she said.

“I will help, of course, but I don’t want to be the man in the relationship. But I will. I see Nicki Minaj is happy.”

The short clip from the upcoming episode immediately began making the rounds on socials, with many hurling accusations at Rubi for being disrespectful to Nicki and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Rubi has since clarified her remarks, claiming she was only using Nicki as an example of how a woman can have a higher income than her partner and still be at peace.

“I just be talking off the top of my head … I gotta chill. I never intend to be shady or mean tho, so cut that please,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

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