Tems Opens Up in Recent HOT 97 Interview: “Nobody Can Compete with Me”

In a candid conversation on HOT 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” show, hosted by the trio Ebro, Laura Stylez, and Rosenberg, rising Afrobeat sensation Tems shared insights into her musical journey and her unique stance in the industry.

The singer, known for her distinctive voice and genre-blending style, traced back her breakthrough to her hit “Try Me,” which led her to collaborate with global superstar WizKid. “It was from ‘Try Me’ that I met Wiz,” she revealed.

Tems exuded confidence throughout the interview, making it clear that she sees herself in a league of her own. “Nobody can compete with me,” she stated emphatically, later adding, “I’m not competitive with my music.” This sentiment resonates with her fans who appreciate her originality and the authenticity she brings to her tracks.

Describing her musical style, Tems said, “My music is Alternative, Afro-Soul, RnB.” This eclectic mix is evident in her songs, which seamlessly blend various genres, creating a sound that’s uniquely hers.

Reflecting on her meteoric rise to fame, the singer expressed astonishment at the magnitude of her success, which has largely been based on just two EPs. “Everything has happened off two EPs,” she remarked, highlighting the significant impact she’s made in a short span.

Throughout the conversation, Tems emphasized her commitment to growth and learning. “I love to be a learner,” she shared, indicating her openness to evolving as an artist.

The interview wrapped up with Tems reiterating her originality in the music scene. “Singer #Tems says she is an original and no one can compete with her,” she affirmed.

For those interested in catching the entire conversation, the interview is available on HOT 97’s YouTube channel.

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