Davido Discusses His ‘Timeless’ Album And The Development Of Afrobeats In A Recent Interview

Celebrated Nigerian music superstar, Davido, recently had a candid talk with ABC News about the impressive rise of Afrobeats and the artists that have influenced his career as an artist on a personal level. He provided insightful information about his musical career and the inspiration backing his most recent hit project, “Timeless,” during a brief interview with Indian-American journalist, Reena Roy.

Davido explained that Western culture has had a significant influence on his career, while naming 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Nelly as some of his childhood influences. He also talked about how discovering Afrobeats at the young age of 15 birthed his love for musicians like P-Square, D’Banj, and 2Face, alongside their sounds.

In addition, OBO highlighted how the promotion of songs has transformed from the manual distribution of thousands of CDs to the quick, digital access musicians may now have. He pointed out that this caused an enormous change in the music business, seeing as it gives musicians a much wider, global reach.

to wrap up the brief chat, the singer said ‘Timeless,’ his most recent record, was motivated by a yearning for creative freedom. Additionally, with his VMA nomination, Davido has gained a lot of buzz on social media, the same he also did when he announced his “detty December” lineup of shows for all his passionate fans in the motherland.

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