Sean Paul Disputes Hooking Up With Beyoncé, Claims She Confronted Him

The grammy-award winning artist Sean Paul has once again debunked rumours of a hookup with Beyonce. The hip hop superstars were rumoured to be in a relationship following their on-stage chemistry at several of their performances and a music video showing a deep connection between them.

The dancehall superstar first debunked the rumours in an interview a little over a year ago following the release of his “Live and Living” album. However, when quizzed about the rumoured relationship with Beyonce, Sean Paul described the rumours as having nothing in them.

Describing the success of their hit song, “Baby Boy”, which earned both artists multiple certifications, Paul remarked, “The hit song was dope.” Commenting on the rumours it created, the largely uncontroversial Sean Paul explained, “You know, some made up their own minds. That’s the whatever. Sometimes with interviews, you can say, ‘I’d rather not speak about it,’ but then, people would think that something was going on. So, I was trying to defend it like, ‘Hey nah, but weird things did happen, that’s probably why there were rumours,’ but people leave out ‘that’s probably why there was rumours’ part.”

He continued, “there were weird things that happened on stage with our performance, with the video. I know a headline said that ‘Oh, Jay-Z didn’t want me there.’ It had nothing to do with him as far as I’m concerned.”

A little over a year later, Sean Paul has now again taken his time to clear the rumours that are trending on social media. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Sean explained that while the rumours were hot on social media, Beyonce confronted him to ask for clarifications.

He also took time to clarify what he thought happened with his mic at the 2003 Reggae Sumfest after rumours emerged that Jay-Z had asked that Sean be cut off due to the rumours about the hookup with Beyonce. Paul explained many things could have happened, including a deliberate attempt by Beyonce’s management to cut him off. He however maintained that he didn’t think Jay-Z would have had anything to do with that.

Quizzed again about the hookup, Sean laughed, saying, “Nah! I wish I did! She is beautiful.”

It remains to be seen if the comments from Sean Paul would force a response from the power couple, who very rarely respond to rumours.

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