Simi Reacts To Controversial Post Depicting African Moms On Social Media

The gifted musician and songwriter Simi has commented on a video circulated by well-known skit creators that purportedly showed how African mothers behave when they go out together. The video’s portrayal of African mothers as chatty and clumsy eaters sparked a fierce outcry on social media among Africans who watched it. One such person who responded to the video was the Grammy Award-winning singer Simi, who used her platform to denounce the creators of it and to dispel the myth that African women behave in such a way when they are out with one another. Simi emphasized that the video perpetuated harmful stereotypes and failed to acknowledge the diversity and individuality of African women. She highlighted the importance of celebrating and respecting different cultures, urging people to challenge such misleading portrayals in the media.

The singer shared a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressing her dislike for the video. Her reaction has also been corroborated by other netizens who share the same views while others share different points of view. In her post, she wrote,

“That video about African moms where they looked a mess and were eating like dogs made me mad af. I don’t know anybody’s mom that acts like that. Y’all get your jokes together.”

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