Sisqo and Beyoncé: Sisqo Addresses Past Musical Icons Dating Rumors

Sisqo, the renowned Dru Hill singer, has come forward to address the longstanding rumors surrounding his relationship with global superstar, Beyoncé. The rumors, which have been circulating since the early 2000s, were reignited due to a red carpet moment between the two and further fueled by a post from Solange, Beyoncé’s sister.

During an episode of Gloria Velez’s new Vlad TV podcast, Sisqo was questioned about the nature of his relationship with Beyoncé, especially after their appearance together at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards. Sisqo firmly stated, “No, we were friends. Me and Beyoncé never dated.” He elaborated on their friendship, mentioning that they were often on the same tours during the early stages of their careers. Sisqo also reminisced about knowing Beyoncé’s family, including her parents and sister.

Sisqo And Beyoncé: Sisqo Addresses Past Musical Icons Dating Rumors, Yours Truly, News, April 15, 2024
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Beyoncé And Sisqo At 1999 Mtv Awards

Interestingly, Solange once posted a photo of Dru Hill and Destiny’s Child in the studio, where Beyoncé appeared to be gazing at Sisqo. The caption hinted at a potential connection, but the post was promptly deleted the next day. Addressing this, Sisqo commented, “All I know is when ‘elevator gate’ happened, Solange posted a picture of us… then she promptly erased it.”

In the same interview, Sisqo also shared his views on Usher, referring to him as the “king of R&B.” He highlighted Usher’s significant influence in the music industry and his unparalleled success.

Furthermore, Beyoncé has been making headlines for other reasons as well. Erykah Badu recently commented on Beyoncé’s choice of headwear during her latest Renaissance tour stop, hinting at a potential style inspiration from her own iconic wide-brimmed hats.

While the entertainment industry is rife with speculations and rumors, it’s essential to hear from the individuals involved directly. Both Sisqo and Beyoncé have made significant contributions to music, and their legacies continue to inspire many. As fans, it’s crucial to appreciate their artistry and the memories they’ve created over the years.

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