Skiibii Dubs Phyna And Kess’ Social Media Outbursts As ‘Clout Chasing’

Nigerian musician Skiibii has commented on recent family problems that Big Brother Naija contestants have made public. He referred to the movement as “clout chasing.” BBNaija winner Phyna’s recent arguments with her father and ex-housemate Kess’s marital problems coming to light online prompted Skiibii to respond in an X post.

According to Skiibii, bringing up family concerns on the internet is “clout chasing,” as celebrities do so in order to gain attention.Skiibii Dubs Phyna And Kess' Social Media Outbursts As 'Clout Chasing', Yours Truly, News, February 23, 2024

No matter one’s public profile, the “God Is Good” singer argued that family disputes should be settled offline. Anything said in public, in his opinion, should be subject to scrutiny. In spite of provocation, Skiibii warned her fellow celebrities to refrain from over-sharing personal issues online. He put a strong emphasis on maintaining family ties and problem-solving with maturity.

This comes after both reality personalities brought their private affairs to the internet. Kess had broken his silence on his failed marriage. Phyna, on the hand, described how, as a child, she had to beg her parents for love. Phyna’s father, Felix Otabor, had previously claimed that the reality star had abandoned him ever since she took home the N100 million BBNaija prize in 2021 during an interview on Saturday.

However, Phyna took to her Snapchat story on Saturday night and described how her parents had treated her poorly and often forced her to beg for affection while she was growing up.

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