Small Doctor Claims Mr. Eazi Is Richer Than Davido, Sparks Online Debate

The Nigerian Singer's Statement on Mr Eazi's Wealth Stirs Reactions Among Fans and Colleagues

Nigerian singer, Temitope Adekunle, popularly known as Small Doctor, has stirred up a buzz on social media with his recent statement about fellow artist Mr Eazi. In an interview on the latest episode of ‘Echoo Room’ podcast hosted by Quincy Jonze, Small Doctor claimed that Mr Eazi, known for his low-key lifestyle, is the richest person he has ever met, even surpassing the wealth of pop star Davido.

Small Doctor, who has met both artists, stated, “The richest person I have ever met is Mr Eazi. My perception is that he has money. It’s not even just having money, he has resources. I have met Davido. I call David ‘Richest’. If he hears ‘Richest’, he knows that it is Small Doctor. David is ‘Richest’ but Eazi is the richest person I have ever met.”

The statement has sparked a flurry of reactions from fans and fellow artists. Some netizens agreed with Small Doctor’s assessment, pointing out Mr Eazi’s business acumen and ventures in the tech industry as evidence of his wealth. An Instagram user, donthmu_imfuckinhighrn, commented, “Mr Eazi is a billionaire in dollars not naira. Don’t play with him.” Another user, sucolavish___, added, “Riches is not just about having money. Mr Eazi is a bad business mogul and if money is riches, he has the money… billionaire in dollars.”

However, not everyone agreed with Small Doctor’s claim. Some users questioned his statement, with one user, fine_igbogurl, asking, “Wetin this one smoke abeg.” Another user, vinedeviper, wrote, “I’m just laughing, y’all in the comment section are capping, bro e.”

The debate sparked by Small Doctor’s statement underscores the intrigue and speculation that often surrounds the wealth and lifestyle of celebrities. It also highlights the diverse sources of income that artists like Mr Eazi and Davido have, extending beyond their music careers to include business ventures and endorsements.

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