“GET A LIFE!”: Adele Tells Taylor Swift “Haters” During Vegas Residency

During her residency show in Las Vegas on Saturday night, Adele had something to say about the social media buzz surrounding Taylor Swift and Travis Barker’s relationship. Adele’s residency is at Caesars, just a three-mile drive from Allegiant Stadium. She paused her music performance to address the packed crowd, expressing her opinion. Adele said that she wants the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl just because Taylor Swift supports them, and she has no patience for the haters complaining about Taylor being in attendance. Her message was clear: those trolling Taylor Swift should get a life!

Adele went on to say that Taylor’s presence at the game had made it more enjoyable for her to watch. It seems that Adele’s sentiments are shared by many, as Sunday’s viewership is expected to break records, with Taylor and Travis’s romance potentially being the catalyst for this. Ultimately, the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and social media conversations have continued to discuss the unforgettable night. The Chiefs’ victory added to the night’s excitement, leaving fans thrilled and eager to discuss the game on social media. The combination of Taylor’s presence and Travis’s romance certainly contributed to the buzz surrounding Sunday’s Super Bowl and Usher’s electrifying halftime performances.



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