Snoop Dogg Claims He And 50 Cent Donate Money To Needy Hip-Hop Legends

Rappers Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent are two of the most gifted and successful artists of all time, having achieved some of the greatest songs in history.

Additionally, they are both prosperous businessmen who have accumulated wealth over time. In light of this, we won’t condemn any of them for virtue signaling because of the incredible work they are doing to support OG rappers who are having financial difficulties.

In a recent podcast including NBA players, Snoop Dogg said that he and 50 had assisted other struggling original rappers in rising to the top. Upon the release of a video featuring Snoop discussing this, 50 Cent verified it.

Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent believe that by doing this, they are honoring the pioneers who laid the path for their own professional achievements. The hip-hop movement was not nearly as popular as it is now when it was first emerging. Rappers were always viewed as gangsters rather than as successful businesspeople.

Had it not been for the pioneering rappers, the movement would not have advanced to the extent that it has. Snoop said that 50 Cent and he were the only rappers doing this, although he did not clarify whether other well-known rappers were involved. It’s likely that many of them are unaware of the cultural significance these original rappers hold.

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