Sources Reveal That Kylie Minogue’s Hit ‘Padam Padam’ Was Nearly Given To Rita Ora

In a recent interview, Lostboy, the producer of Kylie Minogue’s summer hit “Padam Padam,” revealed that the song was initially intended for Rita Ora. Lostboy, who collaborated with Norwegian songwriter Ina Wroldsen on the track, initially doubted whether it would fit Minogue’s style and considered offering it to Ora. Lostboy is a well-known producer who has created hit songs for various famous artists, including Dua Lipa, Lewis Capaldi, Anne-Marie, Ellie Goulding, and Bebe Rexha. Despite his initial reservations, Lostboy expressed gratitude towards Minogue for putting her stamp on the song and making it a massive success. The song was one of the most popular anthems of the summer last year, and it gained widespread popularity due to Minogue’s unique style and musical influence.

During an interview with The Sun’s Bizarre column, he was quoted by Music News as saying:

“We wrote Padam in February 2022, and there were maybe four or five months of us sitting on it, then I sent it to their label, and someone suggested to me, ‘Kylie would kill this.’

“They were unsure, and there was a moment when Rita was going to cut it, and it was worming around a few artists on that label,”

“They were trying to make it work, but they didn’t think it was for Kylie.”

“I was surprised at how confident she was that she could make it, that it would fit for her. But I think of her as someone who is so good at reinventing,” “It feels modern, but it also feels like Kylie.”

The Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue added another feather to her cap with the viral single, becoming her 35th UK Top 10 hit. The single is part of Kylie Minogue’s latest studio album, ‘Tension,’ which was released in September 2020 and received critical acclaim for its upbeat and joyful sound. The single has been making waves since its release, reaching Number Eight on the UK Top 40 chart. Interestingly, many publications have dubbed ‘Padam Padam’ a “gay anthem.” The word “padam” has been adopted as universal gay slang, and it has become a go-to term for the LGBTQ+ community. The song has gained much popularity among the community and has been a part of several Pride celebrations worldwide. Pop sensation Ariana Grande also shared a video of herself singing the song on social media to celebrate London Pride last year.

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