With Her Attention On Her Upcoming Album, Kylie Minogue Is “Ready For New Music”

After 30 years of hit albums, Kylie Minogue acknowledged that it is always difficult to “find that next sound,” but she is “ready for new music” in her life. The pop artist claimed that she has been concentrating “for the remainder of the year” on her upcoming album, which she has been working on for “a few months.”

After the epidemic, Minogue’s winemaking company is releasing its first zero percent sparkling rose, and she said it was wonderful to be back in the recording studio creating songs.

“I can’t reveal what the sound is yet, but it is all super exciting,” she declared to the PA news agency. It’s always a challenge to find that next sound, find the songs which not only stand on their own but resonate as part of an album. Then I start to think about the visual creative and that is the next challenge.”

She continued: “I’ve been making albums now for over 30 years but each one is a different journey. Where I’m at in my life right now, I’m ready for new music. My last album was mostly made during lockdown so to be back in the studio with some of my favourite people is simply a joy.”

Last year, Kylie Minogue made history by becoming the first woman to top the UK album chart for five straight decades.

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