SZA Slams People Involved In Leaking Her Music Before Release Dates; Vows To Hold Them Accountable

SZA, the critically acclaimed American singer, has recently expressed her strong displeasure towards people leaking her music online. She has labelled the leakers as “f-ing thieves” and has vowed to hold them accountable for their actions. SZA, a loyal fan following and eagerly awaiting her new release, ‘Lana,’ took to her Twitter account on January 6th to address the issue. In her tweet, she expressed her frustration with those stealing her hard work and artistry and urged her fans to support her by waiting for the official release of her music. SZA has always been vocal about her views on music piracy and has previously spoken about how it affects artists and their ability to create new music. Her strong stance against music piracy has made her an advocate for musicians’ rights and earned her respect in the industry.

“Leaking my music is stealing. ” “This is my job. This is my life and my intellectual property. You are a fucking thief and I promise to put maximum energy into holding everyone accountable to the full extent of the law. I am tired.”

In September, SZA, the American singer-songwriter, made an exciting announcement about releasing the deluxe version of her latest album ‘SOS’ called ‘Lana’. This deluxe version was supposed to feature seven to ten new songs, making it a whole new album. SZA had initially planned to release it in the fall of 2023, but the album has not been released yet. Also, in December, SZA gave her fans a glimpse of what they could expect from ‘Lana’. She revealed six stunning variations of the album cover art. Three of these covers featured SZA posing with farm animals while wearing a blue American football-style jersey. In addition, SZA teased her fans with a behind-the-scenes clip of her music video for ‘Snooze’ that hinted at one of the songs that might be a part of the deluxe edition.

SZA’s previous album, ‘SOS’, released in December 2022, was received well by fans and critics alike. SZA embarked on a US, UK, and European tour for the album in 2023. She was also announced as a performer for the Primavera Sound lineup in Barcelona in 2024. SZA has hinted that she may have a “mini” tour for ‘Lana’, which will be held in select cities from the ‘SOS’ tour. In a five-star review, ‘SOS’ was described as “a comeback album well worth the wait”, and it was praised for being “sprawling, superb, and rarely putting a foot wrong.”

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