Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Sets New Record For Highest-Grossing Music Tour

The highest-grossing music tour in history is officially Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, having been the first to cross $1 billion in revenue.

Pollstar reports that the tour, which started in March 2023 and will end in December 2024 after 151 gigs across the globe, has made $1.04 billion (£840 million) in revenue so far. This record surpasses the one set by Elton John’s Farewell Tour, which ran for five years and finished earlier this year, earning $939 million (£749 million) from 328 performances.

In fact, Swift’s sixth concert tour was so successful that it has made more money than the combined earnings of two highest-grossing tours of this year—Beyoncé’s and Bruce Springsteen’s.

Before The Eras Tour claimed the title, Beyoncé’s 56-date Renaissance World Tour shattered Madonna’s record, which had stood for the highest-grossing music tour by a female artist for 14 years. The tour earned $579 million (£468 million) between May and October.

With a set list of 44 songs split into 10 acts, each show lasts more than 3.5 hours and is described by Swift as a trip through all of her artistic “eras.” Furthermore, the concepts and quality of the stage production, along with Swift’s performances, have garnered overwhelmingly good reviews from critics.

Swifties, her ardent fan base, have so far been flocking out in droves to see their idol, crashing ticket websites, packing hotels to capacity, and even creating seismic activity similar to earthquakes during some of her gigs.

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