Tems Appreciates Her Fans For Trooping Out To Support Her Single Release Party In London

At her single release celebration in London last night, Nigerian singer Tems was seen speaking to her fans. She claimed she had no idea the space would be packed because she was so moved and touched by the number of fans. She conveyed her appreciation to her supporters for showing up and having faith in her.

Tems is one of the music industry’s top up-and-coming sensations right now. She has received accolades for both her distinctive singing style and her aptitude for fusing many musical genres, such as R&B, soul, and Afrobeats. She worked with prominent singers like Beyoncé and Drake when her track “Essence” with Wizkid became a global smash in 2021.

Tems’ new single ‘Me & U,’ out now, is a medium for self-analysis, a vastly intimate autobiography. Guiltybeatz and Tems worked the production, which was wholly written by Tems. Not only do the meaningful lyrics of “Me & U” stand out, but so does Tems’ creative contribution.

She directs the song’s music video, which features exquisite ocean-side dance and intriguing forest settings in Malta, representing a spiritual trip that echoes the song’s ideas. The Nigerian icon recently released her fantastic ‘If Orange Was A Place’ EP, which wonderfully exemplified her R&B leaning sound.

Tems’ work is superbly soulful, and her sense of control imbues it with a philosophical aspect, with Tems always searching towards the truth.

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