Hazel-E Appreciates Media Houses That Showed Her Support Through The Racial Profiling Situation

Love and Hip-hop Hollywood reality star, Hazel-E, shows gratitude over support given her and her family during a trying time.

Hazel looked pretty distressed in the short clip she recorded and uploaded to her Instagram page yesterday. The video shows her complaining about not being let into an event put together by Snow Summit, claiming they wouldn’t even let her purchase tickets to begin with. Closely following behind her was her family, though the cam was focused on her face.

Hazel said what happened was a clear case of racial profiling and she was not going to let what had just happened fly. So the video served as a form of protest for the alleged racial profiling. She also disclosed that she wasn’t recognized until she lifted her mask to uncover her face. According to her, she even tried to make the video right there at Snow Summit’s doorstep, but they wouldn’t let her.

Since the incident, Snow Summit has reached out to the reality star for a conversation and a possible compensation, to which she was grateful for, thanking everyone but especially all media houses for holding them down and throwing their support behind them when they most needed it.

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